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I'm done with Meta and you should be too, unless you want to be hacked.

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Where should I begin? Perhaps with the fact that I've spent 12 hours today unscrambling a mess caused by the company's own security flaws ... without, I may add, an ability for me to get them to fix the problem or for me to find a solution.

It all started yesterday. Last night, at 8:24 pm, someone near Placerville, CA (Comcast IP, hacked into my account somehow ... by-passing the 2-factor authentication and they changed my password. What's puzzling, is that is when Meta advised me the password had been changed they show the perp had logged out at that very moment. The Meta logs never show the person as logging in. How is this possible?

When I awoke at about 2 am today, I saw a notice from Meta/Facebook of the password change and set a new password. Every time I set a new password I was locked out again. This went on for at least 7 times over the next two hours.

In the meantime, I got notice at 3:43 am that one (Vietnam IP had become a business manager of my business ad account. Shortly thereafter, he/she and two other people who had joined in started to post child pornography to my web page and send images via Messenger. One viet - 14/10 - 3676 and viet - 14/10 - 6988 jumped on board sometime before 4:15 am. and thanhhau had disappeared from the scene (of the crime).

I don't know how the perp could possibly get in if the account password had been changed or was locked, other than Meta whoever has a huge security flaw.

Then, due to these transgressions, Facebook or Meta (whatever they wish to call themselves this week) disabled my entire account. I can log in, but I can't even change my user name to something else to protect myself for 3 days. To make matters worse, they have disabled my ad account for 30 days, meaning I can't run ads for my clients. But then they have the nerve to demand immediate payment for ads which have already run.

I've written Meta many nastygrams for the last several hours until I am blue in the face, without any reply. My guess is that I am not the only one who has been affected by this breach ... there are probably 10s of thousands of poor saps like myself tearing their hair out.

My opinion, which is likely shared by a ton of others, is Meta is imploding. Hopefully they will go down in flames and for me, it can't happen any time too soon. My experience with several accounts is that the advertising we've placed does not generate enough business to even pay for the meager cost of the advertising.

I have absolutely no intention of using the Meta platform again ... whether it be in a paid or free capacity other than if I must. I have requested closure of my two business pages, and I will migrate away from using their service as quickly as possible. I can still post directly to a couple of accounts who "might" benefit from using Meta, and use my email service provider Mailchimp to post, but I am not going to be an admin and be in the middle of such a calamity and cause risk to my clients or headaches for myself.

I am certainly not going to have my credit card in their incapable and insecure hands.

The Meta organization is just a mess and hard to do business with, even on a good day.

Read here for a complete list of Meta/Facebook security breaches which have affected billions of users.

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