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If you get an email message from a person named Oliver, beware.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

On numerous occasions I've received suspicious and solicitation-type emails from the contact forms on the various web sites I manage.

In this case the sender, one Oliver Johnson, claims to represent a company with 46 experts in the design and optimization of Wix-based websites. This isn't the first time Johnson has spammed my clients and I, either.

Johnson claims that there are errors in the site website code for several sites that causes most of the site content not to be indexed by Google. This is horse pucky. He further claims that by clicking a link (which isn't even provided as a live link) his unknown company will be happy to fleece you, er provide you, some sort of report which will tell you what needs to be fixed.

He doesn't provide a company name which is the first bad sign. I visited their website and it is sorely lacking in any confidence-building detail, case studies, success metrics or client testimonials. In other words, they lack substance including a company address or information on their management or purported experts. Strikes two and three.

The phone listed on their website is a Los Angeles number. The phone listed in the email from Mr. Johnson is an Indiana area code. Neither numbers show on a Google search. That would be strike four. I didn't bother trying the numbers.

And here is strike five. The website listed in the email is, a subdomain of which was registered in October, 2021. According to and, the parent domain is for sale. But the main domain still functions, as well as the subdomain. So this is really strange.

The bottom line: If you have a Wix website, and you or one of your clients receives a similar email, don't walk, but run away. Also, all websites these days should have a recaptcha app to prevent botting. I'll be adding one to each of the contact forms on each of the sites I build or manage.

Best advice. Be extremely cautious of dealing with people who seem to hide behind the cloak of secrecy and those whose credibility is suspect.

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